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OhioASCD Emerging Leader Program

OhioASCD is committed to building capacity to improve learning, teaching, and leadership. To this end, OhioASCD has created an Emerging Leaders program, patterned after the ASCD program. The goal of this leadership program is to prepare aspiring educators from across the state for leadership positions and to strengthen OhioASCD’s voice for influencing policy and practice. 

During this two-year program, Emerging Leaders will be paired with OhioASCD board members, provided opportunities for connecting with other educators, and participate in professional development opportunities to experience personal and professional growth.

Who would be eligible for OhioASCD’s Emerging Leader Cohort?

Educators with a minimum of 5 years experience, who demonstrate a passion for teaching, learning, and leadership, hold promise as leaders, are committed to OhioASCD’s beliefs, and to pursuing leadership opportunities.

How does the Emerging Leader Program Work?

The new Emerging Leader Class will be selected and notified through email.  At the initial meeting Emerging Leaders will have the opportunity to interact, learn, and grow with  OhioASCD leadership and current ASCD Emerging Leaders from Ohio. Further meetings are held virtually and Emerging Leaders are invited to participate in OhioASCD professional conferences.

Over the next two years, Emerging Leaders will:

  • Become part of a network of educators, expanding their professional reach
  • Assist in developing OhioASCD social networking 
  • Have the opportunity to write for OhioASCD through blogs, a newsletter, and other outlets
  • Receive OhioASCD communications including the journal
  • Have the opportunity to participate in activities designed for Emerging Leaders

At the conclusion of the program, emerging leaders alumni are encouraged to remain involved with OhioASCD and continue their leadership and influence through formal and informal leadership roles. This could include serving as a member of the Executive Board.

Do you want to connect with other educators and discuss current research and practice? 
Are you interested in being a part of a larger collaborative network? 
OhioASCD has an opportunity for you!
Apply for Emerging Leaders and begin the journey.

Applications for the Emerging Leaders Cohort are now being accepted. Click here to apply to the Emerging Leaders program

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