Improving Education
for Every Learner

President's Message

Hello OhioASCD Members,

As we continue to look at our past in education, especially the past three years, we also look forward. We look forward for hope, for opportunity, and for guidance. Guidance for us as educators, and guidance for the children we impact on a daily basis. Educators are special in so many ways, none more so than the ability to see what we have and make plans to improve upon what needs improving so that it best supports our students.

Our mission here at OhioASCD is to support wonderful and passionate educators like yourself. We work to support the Whole Child Initiative of ASCD, where social-emotional learning and trauma-informed teaching are powerhouses in creating amazing experiences for Ohio's youth. Student voice and choice are critical as we work with educators and districts in implementing OTES 2.0 changes. Most importantly, we work feverishly to support the anti-racist work of our colleagues. Our programming always focuses on equity and inclusion, because here at OhioASCD, we know that this work is what matters most to the success of our students, our educators, and our schools. 

While our website provides a wealth of information, we hope you will follow us on Twitter @ohioascd or like us on Facebook at @ohioascded. 

We look forward to supporting you through these mediums as well as through our in-person and virtual learning opportunities coming to you throughout 2022-23. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at if we can support you in any way possible.

Yours in Education,

Michael Sivert
President, OhioASCD

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