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Whole Child

OhioASCD is committed to the success of the Whole Child Model of healthy, safe, engaged, supported, challenged and sustained environments. For several years a collaborative team made of representatives from at least 15 entities have focused on these non-academic barriers providing presentations for OhioASCD conferences. These entities include OhioASCD, Ohio Education Association, Ohio Federation of Teachers, Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators, Ohio Department of Education, and others.

Recognizing that schools and teachers cannot provide everything children need, these groups work together to determine the best ways to support each other, including the sharing of resources to help children and families. They found that Cincinnati Public Schools has formed Community Learning Centers for many of its schools using partnerships with local agencies. Each school determines the needs of its population and works to provide for those needs. Many times the partner uses space within the school building to carry out its functions closer to the students it serves. Other districts in the state are pursuing similar projects.

We are always looking for additional agencies to partner with us in this endeavor. Email us at if  you or an agency that you know is interested in participating. 

ASCD Whole Child

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