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President's Message

Hello OhioASCD Members,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. As always OhioASCD is prepared to help support your professional development needs and to help meet the challenges you will face. I hope you will review the benefits offered by your membership and encourage your colleagues to consider becoming members. 

DID YOU KNOW… OhioASCD is working to expand member benefits?

  • OhioASCD has a strong relationship with Ashland University and we are able to offer graduate credit for OhioASCD programs at a reduced rate.
  • We are increasing our membership options for dues. Currently, OhioASCD offers a one-year general membership ($30) and a full-time student membership ($5). In the future, we may offer multi-year memberships at even more reduced rates.
  • If you are a joint ASCD and OhioASCD member, you can take advantage of other member benefits such as: LifeLockĀ® monitoring for use of your personal information; discount shopping online or in person of up to 80% on thousands of preferred products at Office Depot and OfficeMax stores; travel and insurance discounts. Find out more at
  • We are exploring partnering with organizations like Amazon and ASCD who offer revenue sharing with charitable non-profit organizations. OhioASCD is one of more than 52 ASCD affiliates around the world. Whether you’re a member or not, ASCD can donate funds to our affiliate if you use the Ohio PASS code when you purchase an ASCD membership, product, book or conference registration. Simply use the code OHAFF when you call 1-800-933-ASCD or visit to make a purchase. Or, if you have a print ASCD order form, just write our PASS code on it.

DID YOU KNOW you can connect with other educators and discuss current research and practice? If you are interested in being a part of a larger collaborative network, OhioASCD has an opportunity for you! Apply for our Emerging Leaders program and begin the journey by clicking on the link

DID YOU KNOW our conference schedule has been set for this year, with our first conference on October 22nd and our second conference on February 6th? Both will be held at the Xenos Conference Center in Columbus. The theme for this year is "The SEL Journey:  Supporting the Needs of the Whole Child.  October will open with a keynote from Melissa McClain on Managing Trauma in the Classroom.  The Ohio Department of Education will also be presenting on the new Ohio Social and Emotional Standards. This year, we sent out a request for proposals and received over 60 from around the state.  The Program team selected over a dozen with several sessions being requested for our February conference. These sessions reach a wide variety of audiences including teachers, counselors, and building and district administrators.  Sessions focus on classroom, building, and district strategies to support the needs of the whole child and their social and emotional learning.  A few of the session titles include:

  • Developing Grit and Gratitude
  • Going Big: One School's Work to Make SEL the Top Priority.
  • Widening the Lens on Behavior: Activities That Develop Self-Regulation, Attention, and More!
  • Turning a Hard Time into a Good Time - Learning How to Reduce Negative Student Behaviors
  • Every Child, Every Day: One District's Systematic Approach to SEL

We look forward to having you join us. Space is limited so register early. Registration is now open. For additional information, location, and fees, click here.

For additional information on any of these topics, please contact our Executive Director, Jeannette Lewis-Woodard at or call (614) 531-5373.

John Farley, Ph.D

President, OhioASCD

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